#113 - Crazy Love



In 2009, Michael Buble released an album and song titled Crazy Love, whereby he sings about the love of his sweetheart for him being crazy and extreme.

But do you know that God's love for us can also be considered to be "crazy" in that it does not make sense in the natural?

We read in the Old Testament of how God asked one of His prophets by the name of Hosea to marry a prostitute called Gomer.  Gomer would subsequently sleep with other men and even produce children by them.  Despite this, Hosea remained faithful and did his utmost to woo her back.  Such depicts a self-sacrificial love that the world would consider to be ridiculous and crazy.

Yet, the story of Hosea and Gomer is but a shadow that points to the substance, that of God's extreme, stubborn and relentless love for us. In Rom 5, Paul tells us that while we were yet sinners, while we were yet His enemies, Jesus came to die for us.

Listen to this wonderful sermon by Rev Reuben and be encouraged and assured of the length, the breadth, the height and the depth of God's crazy love for us.



#112 - Faith Acts

James 2:17