#119 - The Word Prospers


The word "prosperity" seems to be taboo within some Christian circles.  Many use the term "prosperity gospel" in a derogatory way.  Extending that erroneous line of reasoning, will the term "poverty gospel" seriously appeal to anyone?

In this sermon, Rev Reuben addresses this somewhat "controversial" topic and shows us clearly, from various portions of Scriptures (both in the Old and New Testament), how it is actually God's will for His people to prosper.  He then goes on to share practical ways on how to be prosperous and successful.



#118 - Three Fallacies Regarding Prayer

In this sermon, Rev Reuben debunks 3 common fallacies about prayer


1. God helps those who help themselves

2. God does not hear the prayers of those with sin

3. God hears, but sometimes chooses not to help

Listen to this anointed and powerful message, and be liberated in the way we approach God.  Not only will our prayer life become more fulfilling, it will also result in a greater intimacy with God.