#121 - One Thing Needful

Rev Reuben's swan-sermon at PLMC, preached on 29 July 2012

[Sermon based on Luke 10:38-42]


Most of us would be familiar with the story of Mary and Martha.  But how many of us can take Jesus at His word when He said that there is only "one thing that is needful"?  Listen to how Rev Reuben explain how sitting at Jesus' feet and drawing from Him attunes and aligns us so that we are empowered to then do the right thing at the right time.



#099 - Four Words Christians Find Hard to Believe



#093 - The Right School



#068 - How To Seek Your Goals

[Sermon preached on 21 Mar 2010, based on Gen 39]

In this sermon, Rev Reuben talks about his experience when he brought his wife and kids to the Singapore Science Centre.  When his family were freshening themselves up in the ladies, he chanced upon a carrrom board in the shape of an ellipse.
An ellipse is an oval-shaped object with two focal points, F1 and F2.  When he placed the striker at F1 and flicked it, it would always end up hitting the carrom seed placed at F2, no matter in which direction he flicked it.
As he repeated this numerous times, flicking the striker at different angles, a deeper spiritual truth dawned upon him.  God is like our ellipse.  When we start off at F1, we will always end up at our destiny F2 no matter which direction we take because we are in Him.


#061 - Proactive Speaking

[Sermon preached on 15 Nov 2009]

Listen to Rev Reuben explain how we, who are humans created in God's image (Gen 1:26), have been given that same power in our words (Prov 18:21). Just like how a horse's bit or a ship's rudder controls its destiny, so too does our tongue control ours (Js 3:4).

God spoke the universe into being, so too can we speak to shape our future. The best example is that of Abram, whose name God changed to Abraham, which means "father of many". Imagine how he had to go around introducing himself, "Hi, I am father of many" when he did not even have a proper son at that point in time. But as he went about declaring so, God caused those words to come to pass and through him the heir of promise was born.



#042 - The Truth in Holy Communion

[Sermon preached on 15 Feb 2009]

Listen to Rev Reuben uncover the wonderful truths about the Holy Communion from various passages of Scripture.

In Psalm 105:37, we read about how the Israelites departed from Egypt "loaded with silver and gold, and not one among them were feeble".  This was as a result of them eating the Passover lamb.

In 1 Cor 5:7 Paul tells us that Jesus Christ is our Passover Lamb that has been sacrificed.

If such benefits were available to God's people who only had the type and shadow, how much more are these available to us who have the substance, Jesus Christ Himself!



#040 - God’s Idea of a New Year

[Sermon preached on 25 Jan 2009]

In this sermon based on Exodus 12, Rev Reuben talks about how the shadows found in the Old Testament story of the Passover, is fulfilled by the substance, Jesus Christ.  In particular, he expounds on the significance of (1) Egypt, (2) the firstborn, (3) the new year, and (4) the blood.



#034 - Why Tongues?

[Sermon preached on 30 Nov 2008, based on Acts 2:4]

The topic of tongues has been a controversial one that seems to divide God's people even to this very day.

From various passages of Scripture, we see that God has actually given the New Covenant believer the gift of tongues as a means to communicate with Him spirit to spirit. The devil does not want Christians to experience this and hence he will tell us that it intellectually nonsense.

And therein lies the mental block. The more we try to reason, the more we are unable to speak in tongues. The more intellectual we are, the less we are willing to surrender our tongue for the spirit to take over.

In 1 Cor 14:4, Paul tells us that speaking in tongues helps to edify oneself. The Greek word for edify means "to build oneself up".  Rev Reuben goes on to explain how tongues is a means of giving the New Covenant believer rest.