#131 - Love is Not Rude

Rev Reuben recounts an incident that happened in a lift when he was just a kid, and uses that to illustrate what it means to be rude.




#130 - Love Does Not Brag

[Sermon based on 1 Cor 13:4]

In this sermon, Rev Reuben explains how boasting, bragging or strutting about actually reflects one's own insecurities.  Our accomplishments, connections and possessions should be seen in the context of how God has positioned us and provided for us, so that all glory goes back to Him.

If we want to boast, we should boast of the Lord.  After all, He is the Key of Knowledge, Wellspring of Wisdom, Pathway of Peace, Doorway of Deliverance, Roadway of Righteousness, Highway of Holiness and Gateway of Glory.